Productivity. The main ingredient in work but one of the hardest to implement.

In many start-ups and small businesses, productivity can be a key challenge. It often feels like there's not enough time to get through everything that needs to be done and you are always playing catch up. We can also wrongly assume that productivity means getting more things done each day, but productivity is all about getting important things done consistently.

Craig will show some of the simple yet powerful frameworks used in business, and share how our launchpad participants can take advantage of free tools to implement them in their own workflow.

In short, it'll be about the golden triumvirate of getting sh*t done, achieving goals, and avoiding burnout.

The Coach

Craig - AEI

AKA The Most Productive Man in Bass Music, Craig has been with AEI for over a decade and has experience ranging from digital marketing to product management to content production. He is now Insights Analyst, blending data, strategy, and digital ops to optimise music marketing results and team productivity.

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