We have loved seeing our community grow since we opened our doors last year in August. The halley became a home for independent minds, with music at it’s heart. And while we are in the middle of a third lockdown (yikes!) We have decided to feature some of our members and ask what they have been up to recently.

First up is Paul Benney, CEO of Dummy Magazine.

What are you currently working on?

With Dummy we've just launched a new podcast series - first episode with the amazing Arlo Parks - and are about to launch a new video session series. We will also be doing more live streams soon following our event with Skepta, Octavian and, once again, Arlo Parks. With DMY we are currently working on releases with a whole bunch of incredible artists. 

What’s inspiring you at the moment?

All the emerging artists we are working with are inspiring me at the moment. Their talent, focus, drive and commitment is a joy to witness and it's a privilege to be a part of their journey. 

Sophie Glynne, Founder and Artist Manager at Stride Management. 

Anything exciting new launches you've been working on? 

I am currently launching System Records with one of my management clients, Dance System. We have a mixtape called Where’s The Party At? featuring 20 collabs between Dance System and various artists (Hudson Mohawke, India Jordan, A-Trak, Sally C, Lauren Flax, DJ Deeon, Herbert etc) out in Nov, so that is keeping me very busy.

What’s inspiring you at the moment?

Covid has been so destructive for our industry, but seeing people find creative ways to continue doing what they love, amongst all of this hardship and uncertainty, is so inspiring and energising. 

Alex Branson, Owner at ABC Music

We love the ABC Music Talk podcast. Do you have any tips for people who are starting their own podcasts?

If you are new to podcasting, the best tip I got was 'just put something out'. That's not to say don't have a rough plan, but use the experience of putting shows live to learn the process, how to present, improve recording techniques, market the show, etc. Do this while the audience is small. You can always delete old shows if you really want to. Don't try and make money directly from it on day one. It won't work, unless you're already a celebrity or social media influencer. Focus on the product. Make something listenable. Do that and the money will come if you're interested in that Experiment. Don't be too worried about sticking to a rigid plan. Pay attention to what feels right, what looks to be working and wherever possible engage with your audience outside of the podcast itself to learn Record at the halley - the studios are ace!

What's inspiring you at the moment?

Across all of my clients, the leadership I have seen from the CEOs I work with to adapt their businesses to life in a global pandemic, and the willingness of their teams and clients to embrace change, see new opportunities, finding new ways of achieving their original goals or simply reprioritising them has been has been hugely rewarding, humbling and inspiring.

Lia Rich, Holistic Wellbeing Coach

Any advice on how people can keep being strong during these uncertain months? 

Disconnect from the news and excessive use of your devices from time to time. Yes we need to use tech in our lives, but not 10+ hours of screen time a day.  

Communicate with, support, ask questions, and encourage others. Forget about all the things that might stop you from checking in on someone and just do it! You never know what situation they might be in.

What's inspiring you at the moment? 

I am always inspired by the strength, resilience, and wisdom of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas. They need the acknowledgment and support they deserve.  

At the moment I am also inspired by the work of charities and other people providing humanitarian aid around the world. It’s got me thinking…How can we be creating jobs for the people who lost theirs? 

Nicholas Tagav, Founder of Entervision Films

What are you currently working on?

I most recently relaunched my video production company Entervision Films with new branding and website. Which has been something I've been working on all year and feels good for it to see the light of day. 

With my work at the Horniman Museum we're gearing up to announce our 696 Resident Artists who I've been shooting 3D photos of and a promo video of what the 696 project entails. 

I've just launched the pilot episode of my new podcast Roll Out The Rug featuring an aspiring stand up comedian, I'm looking forward to bringing the podcast to the halley and for my guests to roll out the rug in Studio 2.

What's inspiring you at the moment?

I'm currently being inspired by archival pages. We're living in a throwback era which reflects on how we're finding new ways of producing music, visual imagery and the way in which fashion trends are changing. Now more than ever we are wanting to immerse ourselves in cultures that have come before us and as a filmmaker and photographer this excites me to know I'm picking up the baton and someone else will look back at my work 50 years from now to know what was happening back in 2020.