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We believe that creativity should be accessible to everyone - that's why we have a range of pro-level, fully-isolated studio booths available for a range of creative projects. 

From production and DJing, to vocals and podcasting, our studios are professional yet affordable and can help you realise your creative potential. There is also the option of having our in-house engineer work on your session so you can get the most from your work. 

Our studios, like our workspace, work on. a credit system. Meaning you can interact with the halley in a flexible way. 

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Studio 1

Two premium rooms offering industry standard control and recording experience.
Precise acoustics and high quality monitors for ultimate audio representation and confidence in your recordings.
Fully isolated vocal booth to achive a clean and "professional" sound.
1 credit

per hour

Studio 2

Acoustically-treated and soundproofed recording space
Comfortable and modern design, with seating that is suitable for up to 4 guests
Transform your visuals with projection possibilities and mood lighting
Plug in and Play: easy to use podcasting options to accommodate all setups and styles
1 credit

per hour

Studio 3

Multipurpose production room to allow for full control of any creative project 
Microphone setup for vocalist / producer tracking 
Balanced monitoring for fine tuning mixdowns 
Large modular sofas and mood lighting for intimate listening and writing sessions
1 credit

per hour

  • Laptop with large speakers nearby in studio space with red walls.

Studio 4 & 5

2 "hot desk" style production suites ideal for generating quick ideas and polishing mixes
Plug in & Play to position your sounds with near-field monitor placement
Affordable booths to take your beats out of the bedroom and into traditional studio environments
1 credit

for 2 hours

DJ Studio

Private and spacious DJ booth suitable for live streams, radio shows, mixes, or practice sessions
Livestream & record: create effective content you can archive
Transform your visuals with projection possibilities and mood lighting
Plug in and Play: Club & Industry-standard setup

per hour - no need to be a member!

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